Club Outing – Hastings – 8th May 2024

On the 8th May and we will be going to Hastings. At this location there is the opportunity for both streetscape, mainly in George Street, and seascape photography. You can also visit the remains of Hastings Castle accessible from George Street via the West cliff railway.

Car parking at Rock a Nore Road, at the eastern end of the town, is £6.40 for up to 3 hours and £9.50 up to 5 hours. So I thought the best option would be to meet en-route for ‘coffee and cake’, instead of using valuable parking time for eating and drinking.

We will meet at the Highlands Inn at 9.30am or at the Coffee Box, Hastings Centre, The Ridge TN34 2SA at 10.30am. (which is opposite The Conquest Hospital).

Can you please let me know if it is your intention to come and let me know where you will meet, the Highlands or the Coffee Box. If you choose the Highlands, any cars not used for the journey can be left on Mallard Drive.

Kind regards,

Roy Scarlett –