Submitting entries to competitions

This applies to both PDI and Print entries.

All competition entries will be submitted via the PhotoEntry software.

To add an entry go to

and login with the user id and password you have been given (if you have not been provided with a login, please contact to set one up for you.

Once logged in click on the Main Menu link and then select the appropriate competition group (for example DPI Competition Entries 2019).

You should now see a list of available competitions, click on the one you want and then click Add Entry.

You will then be able to upload your image and enter a title for it.

You may keep adding entries until the specified limit is reached for that competition.  You can also change the order, edit the images and titles up until the competition last entry date has passed.

If you get stuck at any time click the Help button.  If you are still stuck please contact  either or or

That’s it!