PDI of the Year 2023

This year’s PDI of the Year competition was held on 16th November 2023.  There are winners for each of the five categories, plus an overall winner of the Image of the Year.

First: Martin Morris, Towner Abstract
Joint second: Brian Goode, Sunlight Through Glass; David Davis, Through the Coloured Window

First: Ian Winning, Kings Cross
Second: Viv Peters, Pages.
Third: Viv Peters, Lake Reflections.

First: Ian Winning, Looking East at Sunset.
Second: Ian Winning, Under London Bridge.
Third: Stuart Mathews, Penshurst Mist Winter Evening.

First: Stuart Mathews, Cresting the Breakwater,
Second: Brian Goode, Footbridge at Hever.
Third: Roy Scarlett, Dungeness Boat.

First: Brian Goode, Paired for Life
Second: Caro Shaw, Steak Tartare.
Third: Caro Shaw, In the Pink.


First: Regina Manso de Zugina, Rhapsody in Blue
Second: Alan Peters, Casting Off at Sunset
Third: Martin Morris, Sneaking a Peak.

Image of the Year:

Congratulations to Brian Goode for the overall best image of the year: Paired for Life.